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Dicamba Agricultural Crop Damage

Richard Mays Law Firm PLLC proudly represents farmers and landowners in Arkansas with claims involving Dicamba.

One of Arkansas’ largest industries is agriculture, and as a result, the use of chemicals in the form of herbicides and pesticides is common. Unfortunately, some of those products may be safe for use on one or more types of crops, but not on others, and not on native plants that may be affected through drift or volatilization.

Why Is Dicamba Bad?

Herbicides with an active ingredient of the chemical Dicamba are particularly harmful to crops that are not genetically engineered to resist Dicamba. Due to Dicamba’s well-known ability to both drift and volatilize (convert from a liquid to a gas form), it is virtually uncontrollable. Dicamba-intolerant crops and plants, including trees and native vegetation, in large parts of Arkansas and other states have been seriously damaged or devastated by Dicamba, leading to millions of dollars in economic loss.

Let Us Represent Your Arkansas Dicamba Case

Richard Mays Law Firm PLLC represents farmers and other landowners in claims against the manufacturers of the herbicides that use Dicamba as its active ingredient, busing both federal and state laws to establish liability. Our firm has also challenged the Arkansas Plant Board’s actions in approving the Dicamba herbicides for application beyond late May, when warm weather increases the ability of Dicamba to volatilize.

We also represent the largest honey producer in the state, whose bees have been decimated by Dicamba damage.