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Navigating Real Estate Partitions In Arkansas

When multiple parties own a parcel of real estate and one wants out, a partition action is a means for dividing or selling it. Partition actions can be complicated – particularly when they’re contested. Legal guidance is essential for navigating these cases successfully and protecting your property interests, whether you’re seeking a partition or opposing it.
At Richard Mays Law Firm PLLC in Little Rock, we represent property owners in partition actions. Here, you’ll benefit from working with skilled lawyers who have more than 50 combined years of experience in real estate law and related areas such as title disputes, quiet title actions, business succession planning and litigation. We understand the intricacies of this niche area of law as well as the hurdles that can arise in these kinds of cases – and how to anticipate, avoid or overcome them. Additionally, as a small firm, we offer the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and personal attention you would expect from a boutique practice.

Understanding Partition Law

Partition actions are an option for real estate owners who hold title to the property as tenants in common, joint tenants or, in certain circumstances, estate by the entirety. These cases commonly arise when several heirs inherit property and one or more want to split it up or sell their interest. Partition actions can also arise incident to divorce.
A partition may be accomplished through one of several means:
  • Partition by sale, in which one owner forces a sale of the property
  • Partition by appraisal, in which one owner compels the others to buy out their interest in the property at fair market value
  • Partition by physical division, in which the property is divided amongst the owners (commonly an option for properties with acreage)

Determining which type of partition to pursue involves weighing numerous considerations. Our attorneys can advise you of your options so you can make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

If you’re opposing a partition, we can help you find strong grounds for challenging the proposed course of action. Comprised of seasoned litigators, our legal team knows how to effectively advocate for clients in court.

Work With Knowledgeable Legal Advocates Who Understand This Nuanced Area

Partition actions are part of a niche type of real estate law and can present numerous challenges for attorneys who aren’t familiar with them. When you work with Richard Mays Law Firm PLLC, you can rest assured that your interests are in capable hands with a team that has extensive experience navigating these cases. Learn more by calling 501-451-5405 or sending us an email.