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Business Organizations And Transactions

Business organizations take many forms, depending on the needs of the client and the purposes and scope of the business activity. Most small for-profit businesses today take the form of a limited liability company (LLC), but corporations, partnerships and other forms of business association may be appropriate. Non-profit corporations are used where the purpose is for charitable, educational, and other benevolent purposes.

Richard Mays Law Firm PLLC has worked with individuals in Arkansas and their accountants and bankers for years in determining the form of organization that is most appropriate for the client’s needs. We will prepare the necessary articles, by-laws, operating agreement, minutes of meetings, waivers, certificates and other necessary documents, and get your business a Federal Tax ID number, all at a reasonable cost. We can also help you lay the foundation for success by providing guidance on the myriad types of business contracts that may play a role in your venture.

Deeds, Leases, Notes, Mortgages, Easements

Real estate transactions are among the most common and important in our lives, and they usually involve the most money. They are also the easiest to get wrong, and the most expensive to correct.

There are many types of deeds (warranty, quitclaim, mineral, beneficiary, etc.). Each has its own significance, but each is different in subtle ways. It is important to choose an attorney in Arkansas who knows the differences and who has experience in drafting them.

Family Settlements

Unfortunately, families do not always agree among themselves, and the disagreements are usually about money and property. Family settlements to resolve those differences can be negotiated and are favored by the law. We have negotiated and drafted many settlements of family disputes in Arkansas.