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Pipeline And Transmission Line Condemnation

Negotiation Of Easements For Pipelines

Richard Mays Law Firm PLLC has had extensive experience in cases involving negotiation of easements for pipelines and transmission lines going through a property and, when the attempts at negotiation fail, in litigating the eminent domain issues of just compensation and restoration damages.

Damaged Property Or Personal Injuries

Transportation of any hazardous substance also involves risk, and incidents inevitably occur that cause extensive damage to property and harm to people. We have experience in representing persons whose property has been damaged, or who have sustained personal injuries or death arising from such incidents.

Oil Refinery Violations

We represented a large oil refining company in defense of a suit in U.S. District Court in Wisconsin involving multiple claims by EPA of air, hazardous waste and water violations at one of the company’s refineries, and we assisted in the negotiation of the consent decree resolving violations.