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Is my adult child the best choice for executor of my estate?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Estate Planning And Probate

When you are choosing the executor of your estate in your will, your first inclination may be to choose your adult child to fulfill this role. After all, they may be close to you and seem to be relatively responsible in their personal life. However, there may be times when you may wish to consider someone else to fulfill the role of executor.

Does the person have the time to devote to the role?

When choosing an executor of your estate in your will, it can help to keep your chosen executor’s other responsibilities in mind. For example, if a person has a demanding career or is raising a family, they may not have the time necessary to fulfill the role of executor should you suddenly pass away.

Where does your executor live?

It can also help to keep your geographic location in mind when choosing an executor. If you live in Little Rock and your chosen executor lives in a different area or even a different state, that executor will have to make significant efforts when it comes to administering an estate in a different area. Court appearances can be more difficult to attend, and there are other complications as well. Sometimes, it is better to choose an executor who lives in your area.

An executor’s personal qualities

If you have a child who is successful in their job or otherwise has shown the ability to take on significant responsibilities, it may seem to make sense to choose them as your executor. However, you may not want to choose an adult child as an executor simply because they are your oldest child or are a certain gender. Such arbitrary qualifications do not necessarily mean your child will be a good executor.

Your relationship with your executor

In addition, if you do not have a good relationship with that child, you may want to select an executor who will be more sympathetic to your needs. Similarly, if your children do not get along, it may help to appoint a professional as executor of your estate to avoid familial conflict.

Choosing an executor is an important part of estate planning. Not everyone is up for the role of executor, and some are inappropriate to appoint as executor. You want to choose someone who understands your wishes, has the time and ability to devote to the role and who hopefully will not find the role of executor to be a burden. By keeping time, geography, personal qualities and personal relationships in mind, you can select the right person to serve as executor of your estate.